Sunday, 31 July 2011

Magic Mushroom

Lens:  John S
Film:  Blanko

Sculpture by Christiaan Nagel

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  1. I'm enthousiast about your last 'hymns', yes, your photos are really hymns to the little, fine observation in daily surroundings that can make our day or give it some pep! - so the fine antennas on the right side looking almost like another sculpture and reminding us how often we need such very fine, sensitive antennas in order not to hurt a person or to feel something ineffable...- the highlight of your hymns is your wild yellow flower full of agony, passion...- and its alter ego/shadow seems to be another being but as wild and passionate - really full of dramatic expressions/life - and esthetically a joy for the eyes, too! This blog has a special high quality I can never find elsewhere- new steps of photography!